An Exceptionally Simple Theory of Everything

Antony Garrett Lisi is a 39 years old physicist who is not attached to any laboratory, and whose main activity is surf. Anyway, he just caught some attention from the physics community since he posted a 31-page theory “An Exceptionally Simple Theory of Everything” aimed at unifiying all the physics theories. Comments from the physics community go from “joke” to “revolutionary”. Read the full paper (if you can!), or just a summary. Update: you can watch a video simulation of the theory.

4 Replies to “An Exceptionally Simple Theory of Everything”

  1. the video simulation’s link didn’t work at all. Now it’s ok, but I still can’t understand anything. It looks like an oldschool video game. Il like it, but we have to meet us once to drink something and so you could explain to me this theory.
    Do you already know this : ? i’ve just bought one, and it can very good cut the green plants in my appartment and make my girlfriens crazy. You have to try as soon as possible, and they make also some very cheap planes.
    see you. Tonial from the big apple (just joking).

  2. The link works. You have smoked too much I guess. And don’t ask me to explain you anything about the theory since I have asked some explainaitions to my two friends who have studied nuclear physics: the first one said that whatever the theory is about, they would first need to verify the existence of several new particuls in a new accelerator to check its validity, and that takes ages. Uunderstand: “I won’t bother trying to understand any piece of that, I have my two young boys and their mother to take care about”. And the second one answered: yes I’ll explain to you but later because I’m busy”. And later he told me “well, this stuff required too much aspirin consumption, I’m giving up”. Anyway I’m pretty sure that the theory is easier to understand than women psychology, but hey, are we here to understand everything about hormons or to write great songs to compensate? Anyway, I’m dry on that nowadays, although I … well that’s not the place to talk about private life. Regarding Piccoz I’m laughing a lot and very loud about you since I got mine two months ago, ah ah ah. Don’t tell me you were at Orange’s store yesterday to get an iPhone or I’ll be dying a little more. If you are around here during the week-end old branch, we can certainly arrange a coding party with some bordeaux or something, and Gago will certainly enjoy seeing “Tonio et Mathilde”.

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