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Last week, we discovered that our two main websites had been supressed from the Google search engine for more than one year. Although this doesn’t seem to hurt us a lot (we get thousands links from external websites), and although it’s quite fun to extend our “geGooglisation” to being totally out from Google Search, we realize that, besides the misconfiguration of some of our web servers, we have to care about our “SEO” (Search Engine Optimization) at some point.

What is also important is to be transparent about our websites URLs, so that people can put the correct links to them. This is really the most helpful practise that brings new users and let them discover what we do.

So today, what we have is the following websites:


It is the main entry point to /e/OS. It’s also available in 5 different languages:

https://e.foundation : English by default

https://e.foundation/fr : en français (in French)

https://e.foundation/de : auf Deutch (in German)

https://e.foundation/it : in italiano (in Italian)

https://e.foundation/es : en español (in Spanish)


It is the main entry point to Murena products (smartphones and cloud). It’s available in 4 different languages.

https://esolutions.shop/fr : en français (in French)

https://esolutions.shop/de : auf Deutch (in German)

https://esolutions.shop/es : en español (in Spanish)

It will soon be replaced by https://murena.com

Other websites

We also have:

https://community.e.foundation : the place for our community of users. Every topic can be discussed!

https://gitlab.e.foundation : the place for all the source code: /e/OS is 100% open source !

https://ecloud.global : the cloud for /e/OS users, but only!

https://spot.ecloud.global : the search engine for /e/OS users, but not only!

One Reply to “/e/OS & Murena websites”

  1. good to have finally all web-adresses…
    and, it’s also pretty well to have a Name
    where can take in the world as modern Naming..
    “Morena” is a good choice ! 🙂
    (but hear a bit commercial.., luxus and so on but, it’s only my feeling, how ever, it’s giving now.. and have to take..)
    I press all Thumps and cross all 10 Fingers ! 🙂


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