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Google Chrome OSSo… what I told yesterday evening to a good friend of mine has just been announced: Google is to release their “own” operating system called Chrome OS. In short: Linux kernel, simple interface, all apps on the web, better security, very fast boot. This is likely to be much like gOS actually. (I’m sad for them, it seems they have missed a Google buyout they were obviously expecting). So in the future it’s very likely that Microsoft Windows and Mac OS are going to be challenged the hard way on the mainstream market. But I was wrong yesterday because I predicted to my friend that the Google OS would be nothing else than Google Android. No: instead they have choosen a luxurious way to get the best from Google’s own development team by entering into a kind of self-competition, or maybe better to call that internal competition. Now, here are a few things that come to mind:

  • Linux kernel, fast boot: OK, there are a few people who already know how to do that, and actually do that for years
  • (Web) Applications on the web (say “in the clouds”, it’s more fashionable): OK… what else? Windows applications ? no. Linux applications? maybe since that’s Linux kernel. Hmmm.
  • Minimal user interface: ouh ouh! IceWM?
  • “redesigning the underlying security architecture of the OS so that users don’t have to deal with viruses, malware and security updates”: I think there are a couple of guys around here on the planet who have been using such operating systems daily, for at least… 15 years (ouch… white hair is not far).
  • What else…? … hardware support! plug and play your XYZ too cool €15 device, and see what happens. I’m curious to see what they do about this part, really curious.

So, OK, I’m a bit harsch, rather amused actually, with this announce, because you know, to me it’s just a minimal Linux system with a browser on the top of it, and I understand that this announce is important and is catching a lot of attention because there is a company with 6 letters starting by a G behind it. And it’s really possible that they catch a significant part of the OS market, for sure. Anyway, I’m not too convinced about the lack of support for Windows apps, I think they may be a little too confident about the capabilities of web-based applications, but this may change in the next three to five years. And of course I can’t wait to see what they do about the support of zillion hardware devices that come with a Windows driver on a CD to make them work. Stay tuned!

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  1. hi Gaël :
    nice post, OK let me tell you what “I” expect from chrome OS :
    1- A new design for the UI (maybe gnome or IceWM) or new UI from scratch more light and simple .
    2- Thy target the netbook market so there hardware issue is not too big (for now !) and most of the effort will be there .
    3- The most Impotent thing I believe is this : more people will know about Gnu/Linux and the whole FLOSS community and more companies will consider porting there app for Linux platform (Adobe for example !!)
    what do you think ?
    Badry Darkoush

  2. Quote: ouch… white hair is not far
    Well, I’ve been using *nix for about 15 years, and my first white hairs have begun to appear 🙁 Oh well, that doesn’t stop me from being a geek!

  3. hi Gaël,
    In my view, the most important is not a single OS, but is the cloud and service behind our desktop. Both of them can bring us brand new start.
    So, I think Chrome OS need to go far more than “a cutted-linux + explore”.


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