If I had an eelo co-founder

On the air of “If I had a hammer”:

?If I had an eelo co-founder,
I’d co-found in the morning
I’d co-found in the evening,
All over this web.?

Seriously, I have a feeling that I’m currently limiting the speed of eelo development. Get it right: the speed is OK, and I see we’re going to do (a lot) more this year than I had previously expected.

BUT our eelo community is growing fast: we have close to 15 developers working full time, a dozen translators/editors…  to reach our targets, and I’m currently limiting this number.

eelo could grow way faster and way bigger!

The reason of the current limit is that  my available time of work is limited, and my TODO list is growing faster than I can execute.

Therefore, I need to find solutions until we find enough funding to hire some people to structure all projects more.

For a days, I’ve been thinking that maybe I should try to find a co-founder.

If I had a co-founder :

– he/she would be 100% in line with my eelo vision

– he/she would like to make the world better

– he/she would have great skills in software engineering

– he/she would love open source

– he/she would be capable to manage people and communities

– he/she would like to work on eelo as a life project

– he/she would be ready to be low paid for 6 to 12 months

– he/she would be excited to build a worldwide, remote-only, organization

– he/she would be a super-COO! (and super-cool as well)


Do you know anyone interested? contact me.

— Gaël (gael at eelo dot io)


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