Announcing “e Foundation” for eelo

eelo is a non-profit project, in the public interest.

I’m pleased to announce that a non-profit organization has been incorporated to support the project: e Foundation.

“e Foundation” will host core eelo assets and fuel the development of eelo software.

This non-profit organization will be able to receive private and public grants, as well as donations from individuals, from anywhere in the world. We’re also working to add a legal way so that donations could benefit from tax cuts, as it’s often possible when donating to “in the public interest” organizations.

As soon as a bank account will be ready for “e Foundation”, we will move there all donations and our “in demand” crowdfunding campaign.

All information about “e Foundation” will be available at eelo’s website on a dedicated page.

If you run a public organization or a corporation and would like to support eelo through “e Foundation”, please contact us at:



One Reply to “Announcing “e Foundation” for eelo”

  1. Super projet Gaël, j’espère de tous cÅ“ur que cela va aboutir, et que les personnes vont prendre conscience qu’il est important de sécurisé ces données personnel, comme l’intérieure de sa maison …


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