Murena Fairphone 4 is now available in the USA ?? – with deGoogled and privacy-safe /e/OS

Unleash the power of privacy with the Murena Fairphone 4! This remarkable device is a fusion of unparalleled repairability and privacy, designed to cater to the discerning tech enthusiast.

The Murena Fairphone 4 stands as a fortress against data intrusion, ensuring that no data is sent to Google, no user logs are collected, and trackers in your apps are cut off.

This isn’t just a phone, it’s a commitment to a long-term relationship. The Murena Fairphone 4 is built to last, ensuring you’ll enjoy its features and benefits for years to come.

Great news for our friends across the pond?—?it’s now available in the USA! ??

Ready to embrace the future of privacy? Get your Murena Fairphone 4 today:

Murena Fairphone 4 now available in the USA – with /e/OS

Discover more about the /e/OS:

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