“Odin Linux” big joke

Several people warned me today about a guy in Denmark who was using Ulteo material on his website. The guy, J*************, is “starting” a new Linux-based project called “Odin Linux”. Looking at his website, you’ll notice that he was more than inspired by Ulteo web pages content since he mostly used them without any change but replacing “Ulteo” by “Odin Linux”. Worse: he used some Ulteo graphical material for Odin Linux, and worse, he claimed that all this material was created and copyrighted by him. Of course that’s a big (ridiculous) joke, but anyhow, I’m not laughing that much since some people asked me why Ulteo were using some stuff from “Odin Linux”! So until we can force him to wipe out our stuff from his website or enter a case if he’s reluctant to do so, I wanted to tell eveyrone that, of course, Ulteo owns all this graphics stuff. We can prove it easily, by providing the original vector files (Illustrator files), as well by challenging Mr S******** to provide 3000px width of these images, that of course we can provide without using any interpolation. Frankly, I really wonder why someone can just copy-paste our ideas and material and claim to be his own project. There is so much to do in the software field, why can’t he have his own ideas and have someone to design his pictures? J************, sorry for that, but you really deserve a _bad_ reputation. Update: “How could Ulteo rip off a logo from a lower resolution :p?” (thx to Raven) 🙂 Update2: he removed most of the Ulteo material.

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  1. The Odin Linux Project was closed by ****** himself some weeks ago (If I am correct). He made apology to the danish community for his behavior on the danish forums. I think most people has forgiven him by now. As far as I’m concerned there is no need for anybody to digg into to this again (i know this post i is a tad old) since the man need some time to get back on his feet. Just writing to let you know.

    -regards Tobizaz

  2. Hey Gaël Duval

    I am sory for that… can you remove my name i laened my leason … i do not what to be in the public space any more if you search in Google for my name you can see this post … it okay the post stays but can you plase remove my name or just ********** and only use ***** … can you forgive me … i am just a stupid boby… sory…


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