A quick update: eelo is getting some momentum

Honestly, when I started eelo a few weeks ago, I thought that maybe it would catch the attention of a few hundreds people in my personal network, and be a cool “side-project” project for me. Nothing more…

But the Kickstarter campaign seems to actually catch a lot of attention. It completed its initial goal in 6 days and did 200% in 15 days. We’re getting more and more articles about eelo in the press, and more than 2600 people have registered at eelo.io.

What’s more interesting is that the incoming web traffic at eelo.io is coming from all over the world.  So either eelo is addressing a “global niche”, or it really has the potential to become a game changer. And as concerns about data privacy are really growing, my bet is that we could actually become a game changer.

eelo.io referring web traffic

Now, the team is organizing and we’re talking with many people who are interested in joining the project. Until January 20th though, we will be focusing mostly on leveraging the Kickstarter campaign to its maximum potential.

Stay tuned!


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  1. coooolll !
    it become more worst as it should be => for google and Co.

    keep it up and the best ! finger crossing !

    i am brother this blog further,
    it’s a good thing, the feedback !

    best Regards

    htp ! *vbs*

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