Two coffees with Ladislav

ladislavbodnar.jpgToday, I’ve spent some time meeting with Ladislav Bodnar. Ladislav is the (nice) guy behind!, a reference Linux website, one of the biggest and certainly one of the nicest ones. Ladislav was coming from Tapei, Taiwan for two days in Paris. I didn’t dare tasting his nice present yet, a kind of litchy-candies under a plastic film, because everything is written in (traditionnal) Chinese and I’m so blind about Asian languages. But tomorrow I will do, for sure. Will keep you updated.

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  1. I finally found the time to write you and let you know, that it is because of Mandrake a few years back, I learned a lot about linux. Mandrake was and still is my favorite distribution, because it just works as you mostly intended it. Easy to learn, use and managed. It has helped me tremendously in my line of work as an IT consultant. Thanks for your contribution to our society. I’m sure many others have been influenced by your work with Mandrake. Loved the name. wish it would come back. Good luck.
    Now using Mandriva and Ubuntu.

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