Videoconferencing with #privacy

Videoconferencing is on the rise worldwide with the COVID-19 crisis. But did you know that most videoconferencing software is NOT offering any guarantee about your privacy?

Even some nice open source software such as Jitsi is relying on some Google services.

So we did the effort to fully unGoogle a Jitsi setup, and it’s now available online on a 600Mbps link at

100% Free

100% Open Source

100% Privacy

And it’s super easy to use, try it now!

6 Replies to “Videoconferencing with #privacy”

  1. Well, the service fails to access camera in Chrome 81. And it doesn’t even try, though I permitted camera and microphone explicitly in site preferences.

  2. I tried the link.
    Gave my “channel” a name.
    Saved the link as a bookmark.

    Now I can easily share the link (+password) to anyone I want to have an online meeting with. Super easy!

    I imagine it will have many possibilities for anyone being keen on privacy. Thanks a lot!

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