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Yes, I need to eat and pay my bills. And until eelo becomes a success, with a working business model, the only way for me to finance my living doing some consulting. I’ve reduced this activity at the max but this currently takes me one day per week, or a little more.

eelo is gaining some momentum, it’s super-promising. Its potential is HUGE. And it’s the most exciting professionnal project I’ve started in my life.

I wish I could dedicate 1000% of my days into this project. So I’m looking for solutions that would preserve the Kickstarter funds to technical developments. Someone recently told me to have a look at the Patreon website. It’s a way for artists, writers, and more generally doers, to get some recurring financial support from people who believe in their project and want it to succeed.

So here we go… I now have a Patreon page. I hope it can be successful.

Please feel free to send me your suggestions to improve this page, and become my Patron! 😉

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