/e/OS redefines the mobile operating system paradigm for a more sustainable world

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Two years ago, /e/OS was envisioned as a fully deGoogled mobile operating system (OS) and associated online services that focus on personal data privacy. That initial vision is growing, and the result is that in addition to being a great alternative to Apple and Google, it is progressively paving the way to a better, more frugal, and more sustainable IT world for everyone...

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Videoconferencing with #privacy

Videoconferencing is on the rise worldwide with the COVID-19 crisis. But did you know that most videoconferencing software is NOT offering any guarantee about your privacy?

Even some nice open source software such as Jitsi is relying on some Google services.

So we did the effort to fully unGoogle a Jitsi setup, and it’s now available online on a 600Mbps link at visio.ecloud.global.

100% Free

100% Open Source

100% Privacy

And it’s super easy to use, try it now!

2020 and the minority spreading hate and fake news

At the age of 12, as my computer knowledge was notably increasing, I remember I’ve eventually been shocked to read something totally wrong in a magazine. Someone wrote something that was factually false.

This made me realize that until this date, I used to think that everything that was written in a book or a magazine was true. Just because it was written.

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More demo contents about /e/ OS!

Now that /e/OS, the fully unGoogled and pro-privacy mobile OS is approaching a V1 release, it’s time to unveil a little bit more how it feels using it!

So we are starting a series of videos to show what’s in the OS, how to configure it…

This week we start with the “first use wizard”!