First post on my new blog!

In year 2000, I created my first blog [en fr], which I called an “agenda” at this time. Since then, I haven’t improved it – technically speaking – and each time I added an entry I had to deal with HTML and PHP. Times have changed! Now there are wonderful blog engines such as DotClear (but I couldn’t install it) and WordPress, which provide an easy way to add new entries, and even other features. I felt the need for a new blog for a long time, now it’s there! I’m going to update it often (since now it’s soo easy), so check it regularly if you want to get latest news from Ulteo and also my new projects on the pipe, especially an ecology-related project (non profit) that I’m setting up with my wife (and possibly other) and that is going to be available soon. Addtionally, this blog will be free speech. There is so much to be said (and to be done), that it’s time for me to talk. The world is moving fast and we need great hopes. Stay tuned. (Note that a RSS feed is now available)


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  1. Bonjour,
    Comptez-vous écrire des textes en Français ?
    Et merci pour votre participation au Libre.

  2. Bonjour – je souhaite le faire dès que j’aurais plus de temps… Mais actuellement, j’ai peu de temps donc j’avais le choix suivant : soit m’adresser en Anglais pour tous, ou seulement en Français pour les lecteurs Français… The choice was obvious for now 🙂

  3. WOW!
    Gael’s Duval new Blog! And nobody still know! 🙂
    Thank you!


    P.S.: don’t you think is better to put a link from the older pages to here?

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