Zooop EV electric car by Coqueline Courrèges

The “Maison de Courrèges” is well-known as a French fashion institutionZooop EV electric car that notably invented the miniskirt in the 60’s. But what is less known, is that Coqueline Courrèges, André Courrèges’s wife, has been building electric cars for years! She believes that electric cars are an efficient way to clean the atmosphaeric air. Coqueline’s latest car, that she’s degigned in her house’s garden near Paris is called the “Zooop EV”. It’s very impressive for two reasons: you haven’t seen such a car design so far, but in sci-fi movies or comics, and because of its performances: the Zooop weights only around 100kg, and with its Lithium Polymer batteries it can go for 450 kilometers, with a top speed of 180 km/h! Another interesting fact is the acceleration, similar to a sport-car, around 6s only for 0-100km/h. Surprinsingly, I haven’t found any official website dedicated to the Zooop, nor could I find more than 9 occurences of “Zooop EV” in… French (in English you’ll find about 10,000).

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